The great movie where the intelligence is transferred to the white screen


At the age of 19, Mıt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) graduated from the Department of Computer Science with a master's degree in mechanical engineering, David Kressen (Mark Webber), then billionaire Simon Castle (rainn Wilson) is an inventor who lives in a retreat with a human-shaped robot called Adam (David Clayton Rogers), who has had incredibly realistic humanoid qualities for 10 years and has never been heard of again. .


Release date: January 31, 2015 (Santa Barbara)
Director: Matthew Leutwyler
Composer of soundtrack: Craig Richey
Player Director: Michael Testa
Screenplay: Shahin Chandrasoma
Lucy Griffiths (Joy Andrews)
Lucy Griffiths
Joy Andrews
David Clayton Rogers (Adam Kressen)
David Clayton Rogers
Adam Kressen
Mark Webber (David Kressen)
Mark Webber
David Kressen
Rainn Wilson (Castle)
RAINN Wilson

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